Monday, August 15, 2011

not really alone

"I miss you extra today." she said as she walked
through the sand and allowed the tears to fall.
The  ocean was their place & she had loved
being there with himHere he had asked her
to be his foreverThey had livedplayed
 laughed  & carved their names in the sand.

It was hard to breathe without him today.

She talked to him as she walked & told him
how she  missed  him & wished he could walk with her.
She felt him  tell her that he was there;
that he was always there when she needed him.
She felt him tell her how he loved her
& that it  would  be  worth  it.

And although she could no longer see his face
she could feel his love lift her
and carry her along as she walked...

and she knew she was not really alone.

I love you my boy